San Francisco Supervisor’s Proposed Cannabis Commission Leads To Industry Debate

Sandra Lee Fewer wants more oversight for cannabis, but does San Francisco have enough

If you’ve had trouble keeping track of all the government bodies tasked with overseeing California’s transition into a recreational cannabis market, you’re not alone. Between the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, San Francisco’s Office of Cannabis, and the Cannabis State Legalization Task Force, many new institutions currently play a role in shaping the industry’s future.

During a June 20 meeting of the Board of Supervisors’ Rules Committee, District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer suggested it may be time to add another.

The board established a Cannabis State Legalization Task Force in July 2015. Its chief purpose was to advise them over the past three years on matters related to the legalization of cannabis and subsequent policy decisions. As the Task Force prepares to wind down operations at the end of the year, Fewer now wants to see voters decide if the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco should be amended to establish a Cannabis Commission to oversee the Office of Cannabis. 

At the June 20 meeting, Fewer explained why a new oversight body is necessary to ensure that equity and social justice aren’t overlooked or outright ignored — as happened with the massive expansion of the technology industry.


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