SF Supervisors Consider Banning Cannabis Stores From Chinatown

There are currently no pending applications for dispensaries in Chinatown

Chinatown, one of San Francisco’s densest and most colorful neighborhoods, is home to everything from vast banquet halls to tiny dim sum parlors, a fortune cookie factory to traditional medicine shops. One thing it doesn’t have? A cannabis dispensary.

And it could stay that way if the Board of Supervisors passes an ordinance Tuesday that would ban marijuana retailers from Chinatown.

“Our zoning laws have always respected the desires of local neighbors … and this is no different,” said Supervisor Aaron Peskin, the sponsor of this ordinance whose district includes Chinatown. “There has been a decades-long movement to keep Chinatown Chinatown.”

Since California legalized recreational cannabis last year, San Francisco Chinatown residents have overwhelmingly opposed a dispensary opening up on their turf. Last year during a hearing about opening a dispensary in the Sunset, dozens of Chinese American residents spoke against its opening, comparing marijuana use to the opioid epidemic.

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