Shipping Container Cannabis Stores In Canada Aim To Cash In On Neglected Rural Markets

Toronto-based POPCANN is betting on pop-up cannabis stores

Cannabis retail is in its infancy, but that hasn’t stopped one startup from thumbing its nose at the status quo.

Toronto-based POPCANN is betting on pop-up cannabis stores, as the name implies. The company is looking to deploy mobile, shipping container-based retail hubs into rural communities and regions currently underserved by brick-and-mortar shops.

Co-founders Mike Girgis and Jake Neiman also are also eyeing events like music festivals as venues for temporary locations if cannabis is allowed to be sold under Special Occasion Permits like alcohol.

The pair have developed a prototype POPCANN store they say is ready for market once a license can be secured. The retrofitted shipping container currently sits in a fenced off parking lot near the company’s studio in Toronto’s west end.

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