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Shryne Group: Curating The Culture Of Cannabis

Shryne Group is winning California’s market and they are expanding

In the world of the modern cannabis industry, the progress of a company is measured both by its capital growth as well as it’s impact culturally on a particular segment of the population.

Working hard, making the right decisions, and having the right product will win you on the capital growth side, but winning the cultural side of your industry isn’t nearly as easy. Just ask Kleenex or Band-Aid how long it took for them to become synonymous with their particular products.

A company must go above and beyond the basics if they want to get ahead of their competitors and Shryne Group is doing just that.

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The meshing of culture and cannabis in modern day branding is as synonymous with today’s street culture as the flowers and peace signs of the 1970’s were to the hippie generation. 

Shryne Group’s standout star, STIIIZY, is clearly stamping their culture in the Californian market and is quickly looking to expand. STIIIZY isn’t just winning the Californian market due to their product alone, but rather their ability to be a lifestyle brand vs just another product. For instance, STIIIZY and Cookies are the only two cannabis brands to do a nationwide clothing deal with Zumiez, a well known street wear store.

Another example? The multitude of celebrities that showed up for STIIIZY’s flagship store opening in downtown Los Angeles and the resulting line around the block from devoted fans of the brand hoping to be among the first in the new branded adult use location.

Shryne Groups asset portfolio expands well beyond DTLA and STIIIZY however as they have cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail operations either live or planned throughout the state.

We sat down with Co-Founders of Shryne Group, Managing Director James Kim and CEO Brian Mitchell, as well as Chief Corporate Communications Officer Daniel Yi at their recent flagship launch in downtown Los Angeles California to ask them a little bit about what brought them to cannabis and what the plans for the future of Shryne Group are.

Brian Mitchell

Co-Founder & CEO of Shryne Group
Brian Mitchell

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James Kim

Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Shryne Group
James Kim

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Daniel Yi

Chief Communications Officer of Shryne Group

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