SoCal Supreme Brings Low-Potency Cannabis Vaporizers To The Fitness Community

SoCal Supreme vaporizers are available in a variety of strains

A new brand of low-potency cannabis vaporizers emerges, bringing the power of CBDs & terpenes to those in the fitness community

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – SoCal Supreme brings the ultimate balance in dose, cannabis strain, and method of consumption to fitness enthusiasts who infuse cannabis to their health and wellness routines.

SoCal Supreme blends specially selected terpene-rich cannabis strains, among which are OG Kush, Jack Herer, and Pineapple Express at a low-potency dose of THC. Sitting at just 60-63% THC, users of the SoCal Supreme vaporizer can gain the benefits of your cannabis strain’s CBD and THC, which work together in complementary ways, without compromising mental clarity. The CBDs contained in the SoCal Supreme strains are elevated to produce the anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety properties they’re known for while helping the body’s endocannabinoid system regulate internal health for optimal performance.

As nature’s building blocks, terpenes are the essential oils contained in all living plants, including cannabis. The terpenes contained in SoCal Supreme strains work together in a naturally occurring phenomenon called The Entourage Effect to create anti-inflammatory properties, aid in breathing while acting as a bronchodilator for lung issues, and in times of pain, act as a powerful analgesic.

It’s for these reasons SoCal Supreme was created, for the fitness enthusiast who wants to supplement their health routine in a safe and natural way, without having to result to harmful performance-enhancing drugs.

Design features of the SoCal Supreme vaporizer include its sleek look and feel. It contains an automatic heating element that is activated as the user draws upon vaporizers from the pen. An ellipses shape prevents the vaporizer pen from rolling away when placed on flat surfaces.

The SoCal Supreme is a disposable, pre-filled vaporizer that is designed with ease in mind, allowing the fitness enthusiast to freely and discreetly bring cannabis into their routine without stigma, judgment or hassle.

For additional information contact:

SoCal Supreme
Representative: Hayca Bunevacz
Phone: (310)779-9346


SoCal Supreme vaporizers are available in a variety of strains, MSRP: $30. Contact for wholesale information.


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