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Special Report – Keeping You Up To Date With Technology & Retail Services For The Cannabis Industry

This 30-page interactive flipbook is your inside track to all things tech

MRR’s Fall/Winter Tech Special Report – Keeping you up-to-date with Technology & Retail Services for the Cannabis Industry.
In this Special Report, we take an in-depth look at tech trends and solutions helping retailers grow their businesses.
  • An Industry Staple: We sat down with the Digital Marketing Director for Indica Online, Steven Lynn, to talk about what’s going on with the industry and what Indica Online is building for the future.
  • A Growing Contender: Starting a cannabis company is hard, starting a software company is even harder. We talked with both the CEO and Marketing Director for Flourish Software about how they are tackling missed opportunities in the industry and making a name for themselves.
  • Best Apps Of 2018: With the flurry of apps hitting the stores lately, we take a look at what apps you should be either using or advertising on, and why.
  • New Press Tech In The Space: A chat with Fred Angelopoulos and Ryan Mayer of the rosin press company ROSINBOMB about how they created their first product and the road to a reverse merger.
  • Measuring Dispensary Performance and Productivity: John Yang, CEO and Co-Founder of the cannabis point of sale software, Treez.io, breaks down how to best measure your dispensaries performance metrics and gauge real productivity in this guest editorial.
  • Is Cannabis Cryptocurrency Just Blowing Smoke?: Cryptocurrency and the larger blockchain market has been exploding over the last couple of years. We take a look at the top 5 cannabis industry cryptocurrencies and whether you should be investing in banking alternatives.
  • Previous Interviews You Might Have Missed: A look back at some conversations with top players in the cannabis space.


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