STIIIZY Launches Their Flagship Adult Use Retail Store In Los Angeles

The brand merged culture and cannabis at their debut store

Art, cannabis, and a continuous line of eager customers that stretched around the block told the tale of California based STIIIZY‘s flagship adult use retail facility debut in downtown Los Angeles this past Saturday.

STIIIZY’s flagship focused on a mixture of culture and cannabis

Customers were treated to a multitude of experiences not normally found in a traditional retail cannabis operation. From Instagram pods with rotating celebrity “takeovers” to an LED projection mapped entrance to the retail floor, experience was everything to STIIIZY for their first branded location. The end result was the flagship looking more like a modern gallery than a traditional cannabis store.

Cannabis was still the main focus of the day though with almost every square inch of the retail floor being fully utilized by in-store experiences from notable brands such as Lowell Herb Co., PLUS Products, Kurvana, Select, and more. These in-store experiences allowed the brands to explain their products in detail, and helped to facilitate the sale to curious customers before they reached the check-out counter.

On opening day, STIIIZY’s retail floor featured several pop-up stations where brands such as Flow Kana (pictured here) could talk to customers directly.

The store also features an incredible in-house art gallery exhibition from world famous artists such as Mr. Cartoon and RISK in the lobby and in the budroom, a massive 29-foot installation by Los Angeles’s own Retna stole the spotlight.

Speaking on future art in the retail location, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Shryne Group Inc. (STIIIZY’s parent company) James Kim said “Moving into the future, we didn’t want to make it set in stone what would we do. We wanted to definitely introduce a new concept every six months to a year, and I think our next concept we will be showcasing up and coming artists and giving them a chance to showcase their artwork within our platform.” He continued, “I always felt that I was an underdog as an up and coming entrepreneur, and I really want to give everyone an opportunity.”

Daniel Yi, Chief Communications Officer for Shryne Group Inc., shows off STIIIZY’s battery customization station at the new flagship store. A planned 50,000 sq. ft. grow facility will be viewable through the holes seen in the background.

Experience and art being key to the brand, STIIIZY made sure their customers that visited the flagship store could take home something that was unique. In addition to getting flagship only available clothing, they can get their STIIIZY products engraved on-site, with a multitude of customization options available.

Retail and art were only one aspect of the new flagship however, as the massive 125,000 sq. ft. facility also houses a 50,000 sq. ft. cultivation operation, 22,00 sq. ft. manufacturing operation, and a 50,000 sq. ft. distribution center. All of this is of course in addition to their sizable 6,500 sq. ft. retail store.

STIIIZY’s BIIIT edibles line, debuting at their flagship store in DTLA.

While this is the flagship retail location for STIIIZY, parent company Shryne Group Inc. plans to open 7 additional branded locations by 2020. Since launching out of the ultra competitive Californian market, Shryne Group and STIIIZY have been on a rocket ship of success. Talking about navigating the sometimes confusing Californian cannabis market, CEO of Shryne Group Inc. Brian Mitchell said “It’s been really interesting and frustrating at times, but that also has given us a chance to kind of get organized and build our team. We’ve been flying a plane while we’ve been building it for awhile now, but because they’ve moved slow it’s actually been to our advantage. We’re now in a position where we have an amazing team of people that understand the process from seed to sale, and are cannabis hands-on. They’ve done it before. We have people that understand the cannabis culture just as much as we have people from outside the cannabis industry that were experts in their fields. People with JD/MBA’s from good schools that were in other lines of work. So we’ve used that time wisely and we’re prepared to execute on what we have in front of us.”

STIIIZY branded merchandise was on-hand including exclusive merchandise to the flagship location. STIIIZY also currently sells its merchandise on it’s website and at Zumiez

We’ll have the full breakdown of the flagship store’s opening as well as in-depth interviews from Co-Founder and CEO Brian Mitchell, Co-Founder and Managing Officer James Kim, as well as CCO Daniel Yi in our Shryne Group breakdown coming out in 2 weeks!

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