Stolen Advanced Nutrients Shipment Results In Losses Amounting To $250,000

The truck and trailer were later recovered in Oakland with the cargo missing

Advanced Nutrients, the global leader in premium cannabis nutrients, incurred a loss of more than a quarter-million-dollars due to a recent grand theft.  The nutrients were in transit from the company’s Woodland, Washington facility to its warehouse in Valencia, California. 

Founded by Michael “BigMike” Straumietis, Advanced Nutrients has supplied the No.1 cannabis nutrient system to growers for more than 21 years. Without these premium in-demand nutrients, the agricultural infrastructure suffers a severe break in its operations, preventing the production of medicinal crops upon which millions of Americans consistently rely.

The truck and trailer were later recovered in Oakland with the cargo gone
A semi-truck simular to this was used

Working with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, a team of enforcement officers found the missing truck only to discover that the attached 53’ reefer trailer had been ransacked and left completely devoid of product. 

“The real victims here are the cannabis growers in our community who were going to feed these nutrients to their crops,” Straumietis says. “Cultivating high-quality cannabis is how they make a living. I can only hope that the cannabis grown from these stolen nutrients will go toward easing some of the pain and suffering in the world right now. Because make no mistake, cannabis is helping to heal humanity. However, it’s unfortunate someone felt the need to steal from our community.”

The incident coincides with Advanced Nutrients’ recent pledge to donate 2.2 acres worth of its True Organics product line to Mad River Community Hospital and Garden. Food grown in this garden is distributed to hospital patients as well as a local food bank, feeding both communities with fresh produce derived from pure ingredients. Despite the theft, Straumietis and his team at Advanced Nutrients continue to work tirelessly to provide their community with the nutrients they need during this unprecedented time. 


Advanced Nutrients is one of the fastest growing impact brands in the world. Founded in 1999, the company was the first to develop a complete nutrient system that unlocks the true genetic potential of the cannabis plant. Since its inception, the brand has introduced more than 50 innovations to the cultivation community, and continues to revolutionize the space through proprietary scientific discoveries. Today, Advanced Nutrients sells its premium line of nutrients in more than 104 countries, and employs a team of 25 cannabis-specific Ph.D. scientists across the globe. In December 2019, Advanced Nutrients launched Humanity Heroes. The company headquarters are located in West Hollywood, CA.

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