Survey Says 11% Of Govt’ Employees In The D.C. Area Have Bought Marijuana

According to new research, quite a few cannabis buyers are government employees

According to new research, quite a few cannabis buyers are government employees. Consumer Research Around Cannabis spoke with more than thirteen hundred people in the D.C. media market, which includes adults in Washington, D.C. and parts of Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia, about their marijuana habits. 8% of respondents said that they had bought cannabis from a legal retailer or from a dispensary. Of the survey answers from government employees, 11% had bought marijuana legally, higher than the 8% overall rate.

Government employees accounted for 16.7% of the total number of buyers. Some More than forty percent of government employees approved of both legalized adult use and medical marijuana, while only 11% disapproved of the legalization of both categories. Washington, D.C. voters legalized recreational use of marijuana in a referendum in 2014, but Congress has blocked it from being commercially sold in the city. To get around the issue, vendors have gotten creative, bundling a “gift” of cannabis along with sales of other items, such as cookies or bags.

What it means for retail: This shows how far marijuana has reached into everyone’s lives, from regular joes to government workers, many people enjoy marijuana recreationally. The marijuana industry is moving forward in DC even with Congress trying to shut it down. This shows how pervasive marijuana use is, along with the perseverance of some retailers in areas without full legalization.

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