Texas Medical Cannabis Companies Start Fund To Help Epilepsy Patients Afford Treatment

Both donated $5,000 to the Epilepsy Foundation of Central and South Texas


It has been one year since the first medical cannabis companies in Texas received provisional licenses. Tuesday, two of those companies announced they’ve started a fund with the Texas Epilepsy Foundation to help qualifying patients afford medical CBD oil.

Currently, federal restrictions on medical cannabis prevent insurance companies from covering CBD oil for patients with intractable epilepsy. That means anyone who qualifies for treatment with CBD has to pay out of pocket.

Compassionate Cultivation hopes their contribution to the fund will help more people with uncontrolled epilepsy afford CBD.  Janet Herrera says her 18-year-old daughter Jordan was diagnosed with Gervais Syndrome, a rare severe form of uncontrolled epilepsy, when she was just six months old.


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