The 3 Biggest Problems With Marijuana’s Schedule I Classification

As a Schedule I drug, marijuana businesses and medical patients face hurdles

Practically everywhere you look, legal cannabis is expanding at a breakneck pace. For instance, Canada passed the Cannabis Act (officially bill C-45) on June 19, setting up Oct. 17 to be the first day that adults can legally purchase recreational weed. Canada is also the first industrialized country in the world to have given the green light to adult-use cannabis.

South of the border, Mexico wound up legalizing medical cannabis in June 2017. It’s worth pointing out that Mexico is among more than two dozen foreign countries to have legalized medical marijuana — and many of these markets will be counting on Canada to supply their product needs.


As a Schedule I drug, marijuana businesses and medical patients face a number of hurdles

But when it comes to the United States, we’re going nowhere fast, at least at the federal level. Despite 30 states having passed broad-sweeping medical cannabis laws since 1996, including nine states that also allow adults to consume recreational pot, the federal government has stood firm on its view of marijuana as a Schedule I substance.


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