The Big Winners Of The Emerald Cup In Northern California

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Ton’s of the cannabis industries top entrepreneurs and industry influencers flocked to Santa Rosa California for 2 days of non-stop cannabis, music, and entertainment. We are finally back from the green fields of Northern California and are ready to give you the full run down from the Sonoma County Fairgrounds where this past weekend The Emerald Cup was held for the first time ever under a full adult use legal banner.


Customers flocked to the booths within the PaceX Pavillion


Commerce was through the roof, with the everyone reporting strong sales on Saturday. On hand at the FIELDZ + Cookies Village, we noticed massive slowdowns at multiple booths due to network issues. Treez was onhand at the Fields Extracts X Zkittlez booth while we were there helping get the line going again. “Treez has been absolutely phenomenal” said Fields Extracts’ Josh Krane. “We are almost sold out of a lot of our products and it’s only day one.”  Heavy rain and colder temperatures dampened attendance at the event on Sunday, but the event still closed strong with all brands we talked to saying they considered the event a massive success.


The Zkittlez X Fields Extracts booth in the Fields + Cookies Pavillion


The product awards were also amazing this year where Zkittlez and Field Extracts almost swept entire categories along with a couple other companies. Willie Nelson, the world famous singer and creator of the Willie’s Reserve cannabis brand, was on hand for the first time to accept The Emerald Cup’s Willie Nelson lifetime achievement award.


Willie Nelson received his lifetime achievement award from the cup


Listed below are all of the companies at the awards in their placing grouped by category.


Licensed Sun-Grown:
Place Company Strain
1 Ridge Line Farms Green Lantern
2 Rebel Grown Double OG Chem #15
3 Tar Hill Cherimoya
4 Royalbudline Zkittlez
5 Booney Acres Koffee Punch
6 Greenshock Farms Tropical Sleigh Ride #77
7 Molecular Farms Lemon Crush
8 Esensia Orange Creamsicle
9 Tar Hilll Triple Cream OG
10 Anna Lewis Gushers
11 CasaHumboldt Blueberry Muffins 10
12 Rebel Grown Double OG Chem #5 Seed
13 Humboldt Seed Co. Magic Melon
14 Tar Hill Lemon Hashplant
15 Talking Tree Farms Huckleberry
16 Ridge Line Farms Lamborghini OG
17 Talking Tree Farms Gelato
18 Booney Acres Wedding Crasher
19 Perrin Family Farms
Perrin’s Garden of Forbidden Fruit
20 Tar Hill Limeade


Personal Sun-Grown:
Place Contact Name Strain
1 JD Lee Chili Verde
2 Paula Hudgins Wedding Cake
3 Cory Rodgers Cherry Punch 15
4 Brady Ranck Mimosa #3
5 Wayne Baynham Buckle Up
6 Paula Hudgins OG Kush Breath
7 Dan Palmerantz Butterscotch #1
8 Corey Sangiacomo Miasma
9 Richard Codding
Grandma P’s Blueberry Muffin Top
10 Bryan Eatmon Tropical Sleigh Ride


Licensed Mixed Light:
Place Company Strain
1 Tar Hill Family Farms Pink Lemonade
2 Josh D OG Kush Story
3 DEVI Peanut Butter Breath
4 Marpe Cultivation / Dicky Dabbz Ice Cream Cake
5 Pinnacle Humboldt White Tahoe Cookies
6 LitHouse Zelly’s Gift
7 Solid Oak Ag Wedding Cake
8 Phytologie OG Citron
9 Josh D OG Kush
10 Marpe Cultivation / Dicky Dabbz Birthday Cake


Personal Mixed Light:
Place Name Strain
1 Jett Genetix pink pixie
2 JD Lee
Oil Spill by Aficionado Seeds


Place Company Product
1 Utopia
Raspberry Macarons
2 SolDaze
Tropical Mango Bites
3 Budlette Confections
Mellows Black Sesame
4 Emerald Sky Alpine Licorice Strawberry
5 SolDaze
Mango Strawberry Bites
6 Utopia
Vanilla Macarons
7 Budlette Confections
Peppermint Bark Mellows
8 Somatik
Coffee Bean Sparks
Dark Chocolate NUG Bar
10 OM Edibles
THC Gummi Melange


Place Company Product Name
1 Alchemy Jane Create THC Tincture
2 OM Edibles Nighttime Elixer
3 Humboldt Apothecary Love Potion No.7


Place Company Product
1 Newell’s Botanicals
Deep Skin Penetrating Roll-on
2 OM
Lavender Bath Salts
3 CAD Mimosa


Place Company Product
1 Herer Group the Original Jack Herer
2 Gold Drop/Lemon Tree/Blue River Lemon Tree
3 Gold Drop/Bon Vivant/Blue River Bluberry Muffin
4 Eel River Nectar Purple Unicorn
5 Kurvana ASCND Purple Punch
6 Chemistry/Alpenglow Farms Sour Tangie
7 Eel River Nectar Chernobyl
8 Kurvana ASCND Northern Lights
9 Gold Drop/Talking Tree Farms Sour Tangie
10 Gold Drop/Bon Vivant/Blue River Strawberry Banana


Place Company Product
1 Peak
Huckleberry Zkittlez Amber
2 WildSeed Candyland
3 Big Sur Extracts Cloud Drop
4 Eel River Sno Gee
5 Eel River Fog Berry


Place Company Collab. Product Name
1 the Humboldt Cure Murder Mountain, Joe Fasho Genetics the Humboldt Cure Blend Diamonds
2 WildSeed, LLC Cannabis Refined White Recluse Diamonds
3 NUG White Buffalo OG Live Resin Diamonds


Live Resin Carts:
Place Company Collab Product Name
1 Fieldz Extracts Zkittlez Sauce Pen
2 Friendly Farms Forbidden Fruit
3 Fiddler’s Green Rogue OG Kush
4 The Humboldt Cure Murder Mountain, Joe Fasho Genetics the Humboldt Cure Blend
5 Friendly Farms Forbidden Brulee
6 The Hive Labs Happy Sticks – La Jolla Diesel
7 Friendly Farms Headband
8 The Hive Labs Happy Sticks – Blackberry Kush
9 Friendly Farms Raspberry Kush
10 Blue River/Lemon Tree Blue River Lemon Tree Jelly


Place Company Name Collaboration Product
1 GDP Genetics Candy Stripe Concentrates x the Boutique Super Glue
2 Fieldz Zkittlez Premium Rosin
3 Field Extracts Field Extracts with Str8 Organics Papaya Premium Rosin
4 Field Extracts Tar Hill Pink Lemonade Premium Rosin
5 Frosty x Valleygrove “Feeling Frosty” Feeling Frosty Milkbone Rosin
6 Papa’s Select Select Solventless by Sunrise Mountain Farm Strawberry Banana Rosin Jam
7 Candy Stripe & The Boutique Black Garlic Rosin Sauce
8 Field Extracts Orange Grape Soda
9 Field Extracts Tar Hill Cucumber Lime
10 Papa’s Select Select Solventless by Sunrise Mountain Farm Dozizoz #3 Rosin Jam


Place Company Name Collab Product Name
1 Humboldt Terp Council Royal Budline Zkittlez Cake
2 Raw Garden Zookies
3 Summit Boys Noble Farms Sundae Driver
4 Raw Garden Virgin Purps Sauce
5 Suprize Suprize Royal Budline “Sauce”
6 Talking Tree Farms Terp Preservation Society Cookie Kush Live Resin
7 Humboldt Terp Council Teravida Farms Gin and Juice Live Resin
8 Friendly Farms Headband
9 Friendly Farms Citrus Sap
10 Humboldt Terp Council Terphogz/Zkittlez Family Hindu Zkittlez Live Resin


Shatter Batter:
Place Company Collab. Product Name
1 Suprize Suprize Arcata Cherry Tangerine
2 Suprize Suprize Woodman Peak Farms Royal Kush BX1 “Badder”
3 Suprize Suprize Biovortex Holy Nana Crack Batter
4 NUG Sour D Live Resin Sauce
5 Summit Boys Noble Farms Chem 4 Sugar Batter


Place Company
Product Name
1 Frosty
Papaya 120u
2 Tar Hill and Frosty
Tar Hill Pink Lemonade
3 Papa’s Select in collaboration with Select Solventless grown by Emerald Queen Farms
GMO 1st Pull 120u Water Hash



All CBDs:

Place Company Strain
1 Gold Drop Lemon Penny


Place Company Strain
1 Somatik Goji Berry
2 OM Edibles CBD Gummi Melange
3 Space Gems VITA Gems


Place Company Strain
1 Humboldt Apothecary Relax
2 Fiddler’s Green ACDC Rogue Tincture
3 Humboldt Harvest 13:1 CBD Terpene Rich


Place Company Strain
1 Om Edibles Rose Geranium Bath Salt


Place Company Strain
1 Molecular Farms Blueberry Banana Bread
2 Molecular Farms Dr. Fizz
3 Molecular Farms Garlic Jam


Place Company Strain
1 Sublime Sleep
2 Sublime High-C
3 WildSeed, LLc. Heritage OG – CBD



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