The Cannabis Industry’s Oldest Trade Show Prepares To Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

CHAMPS Las Vegas Winter Show runs Feb 27th – March 1st

If you’re a cannabis businessperson, then you owe it to yourself to meet the major players in the industry. You owe it to yourself be a part of the oldest, most prestigious trade show in the cannabis industry!

This is the fifty-fifth trade show mounted by CHAMPS and the fortieth staged in Las Vegas. Hundreds of businesses will be represented in a space that encompasses 245,000 square feet, the area of eight and a half football fields!

Over the course of 20 years, the industry has flourished and matured. CHAMPS’ growth has paralleled this cannabis revolution. CHAMPS has grown from a trade show that once focused primarily on the glass artist community, and the smokeshops that purchased their goods, into a juggernaut that now hosts multiple sectors of the cannabis marketplace.

CHAMPS has always kept a close eye on the legal breakthroughs, as well as the new business ventures that have been spawned with new freedoms. With well over 1,100 vendors on-site, you’ll discover a vast array of products reflecting the evolution of cannabis commerce.

At this historic show, CHAMPS is proud to introduce Dispensary+, where dispensary owners can address their needs with the companies that understand their business. Whether you’re looking to secure financial services, upgrade your genetics or simply searching for slick packaging to market your dispensary-branded product, Dispensary+ has got you covered. You’ll also find the largest assemblage of CBD products on display, as CHAMPS welcomes the burgeoning CBD marketplace.

This is strictly a B-to-B event, closed to the public. CHAMPS invites the wholesalers, producers, distributors and artists of our vibrant industry to showcase their products and services for thousands of retail buyers.

Buyers at CHAMPS are very similar to the traders who traveled the ancient Silk Road, the merchants who transported the precious goods of artisans in faraway lands back to the civilizations who crave them. Like them, the buyers at CHAMPS have access to the very finest products of the retail cannabis industry. And they’ll travel back to their own hometowns to delight their clients with new treasures wherever they do business. Best of all, the promise of legalization is legitimizing our commerce.

The marketplace is booming and CHAMPS is proud to have backed the cannabis business community for two solid decades. But CHAMPS is also an industry celebration. Old friends, colleagues and newcomers all convene at CHAMPS to do business, interface, exchange information and, essentially, enjoy themselves to the fullest with likeminded members of the cannabis industry.

Don’t miss this spectacular show. If you’re already in the cannabis business arena, you can’t afford to miss the unveiling of countless new products. If you’re just entering the industry, your future awaits!

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