The Evolving Cannabis Market Offers Limitless Opportunities

It’s no longer just about flower and joints

This year in the cannabis market, we’ve seen an explosive growth in vapes — slim accessories that heat oil so the user is only inhaling vapor, not smoke. Vaping products now account for up to 19 percent of market share in some states.

That’s just one sign of how quickly the cannabis industry is diversifying its product offerings.

As a newly legal industry, the cannabis industry continues to sort out exactly what it is and who its customers are. The data shows legal cannabis users are wealthier and better educated than the tired stoner stereotypes of yesterday, which means the products they want will be different, too. As more states legalize cannabis, and as scientists invent better technology for extracting THC and CBD oil from plants, it’s a sure bet that the list of cannabis-infused products will only grow to better serve current users and attract new customers.

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