The Fight Against Unlicensed Shops Continues In The Worlds Largest Adult Use Market

The city estimates there are at least 200 unlicensed shops still operating

Los Angeles city authorities raided and shut down an illegal cannabis dispensary in South Los Angeles as part of an effort to encourage only legal cannabis businesses to operate.

The illegal dispensary at 89th Street and Broadway had a green cross and green arrows on the building, indicating the operators made little effort to hide the nature of the business. But city officials say the shop was operating without city permission.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said the city supports legal dispensaries, but businesses that operate without permits are endangering those that took the time to wait in line to operate legally. The city estimates there are at least 200 dispensaries operating illegally, with a high concentration in South Los Angeles.

“Illegal operations are getting in the way of opportunity,” Garcetti said. “They’re undercutting more than 300 local businesses that have temporary licenses to legally sell cannabis here in L.A.”

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