The Technology Behind The World’s Largest Cannabis Dispensary

In Las Vegas, Planet 13 is an entertainment destination in and of itself

Las Vegas is not a town for half measures. So it’s of little surprise that when the state of Nevada legalized recreational cannabis in July of 2017, Sin City took the cannabis dispensary model and added a bit of Vegas’ over-the-top magic. The result: Planet 13, a 40,000 square foot dispensary — the largest of its kind anywhere on Earth.

But Planet 13 isn’t just a massive warehouse of weed, even though it does carry hundreds upon hundreds of various cannabis-derived products. The dispensary is an entertainment destination in and of itself with an array of art installations created by designer Todd Moyer and high tech activities designed to delight visitors, whether they’ve toked beforehand or not.

Customers are greeted by a number of these installations even before they step foot in the facility. The main entrance to the dispensary is guarded by a massive 18-foot diameter LED-studded water globe that emits fog and mist to create a hypnotic and decidedly Bellagiatic effect. Additionally, a series of 15-foot tall acrylic lotus flowers line the roof. At night, visitors to the 24-hour dispensary can actively control the flowers’ LED lights via a pair of command consoles located at ground level. You can also make your mark on the building itself via Planet 13’s interactive art wall with laser-tipped “spray paint” cans. The effects are especially impressive after dark.

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