Thinking 4/20 Is Meh? Think Again

Think again because it’s massive

Marijuana’s big holiday, 4/20, is a huge day for cannabis sales. In fact, it’s the biggest one-day event of the year for the industry — last year between Colorado, Washington, Oregon and California 4/20, which fell on a Thursday, led to $36.3 million in sales according to cannabis market research firm BDS Analytics. By way of comparison, another huge sales day last year, the Friday of Labor Day Weekend, reached $25 million. That is a difference of 44 percent — significant! However, 4/20 is nothing like holidays in other industries, such as Christmas or even Halloween, that boost sales for prolonged periods of time.

4/20 is a one-day affair, although this year could be at least slightly different. Ever since Colorado legalized recreational cannabis in 2014, the holiday has fallen on a weekday. But this year, 4/20 lands on a Friday. Will what has been a one-day affair transform into a three-day sales bonanza? We will find out.

Either way, looking back at last year’s 4/20 to understand what is right around the corner this year is instructive. For retailers and brands that think 4/20 isn’t a big deal — think again. Sales on the big day are enormous, and cannabis enthusiasts are out in droves to socialize, shop and try new things. 


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