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Top 10 Tips To Upsell Your Customer At Your Cannabis Dispensary

Be on your way to leading the sales records for your budtending team

Upselling is all about maximizing the impact of a purchase by thoughtfully increasing the amount that someone is spending in one visit.

Here are 10 quick tips on how cannabis retail owners and budtenders can effectively upsell customers in their dispensary:


All about the displays

Use the data that you gain from your POS system to gain insight into what people are buying, and what are popular items, both in the mid- to high-range end. Put these items close to check out or in a central display area of your store to ensure they hit the eyes of the customer and make it into their bag. Use attractive designs to engage their eyes and draw them in. Remember these insights vary from demographic, to location, so be sure you are on top of who’s buying what through data analysis.


Build rapport

People want to buy products from retail locations when they’re greeted by a sales representative, or budtender, who shows an interest in serving them, not just checking them out. While the goal is to increase your sales, you do this first through customer service and personal rapport building. Good customer service yields higher sales averages.


Use cannabis education and display media

From cannabis education slides, to engaging videos, to facts and statistics, and effective display menus, dispensaries are using screens to get the attention of their customers. Using display media engages a number of people of different literacy levels and languages, to ensure no one is left out of knowing more about cannabis. Cannabis education is extremely important for informing your customers on safe use, and enticing them to buy more products. 


Know what’s hot

Stay on top of cannabis retail trends, and use your data to know what people are starting to gravitate to in terms of cannabis products or accessories. Entice your customer by showing them the new product that people are starting to buy, or a product that’s starting to fly off the shelves so that your customer wants to stay ahead of the trends. Vaporizing continues to be the next best thing in cannabis, and more and more manufacturers are coming out with cutting edge, sleek vape products to entice the person who likes to have the next hottest thing on the market.


Create a sense of urgency

People like to be in on something that is a limited time offer. Create limited-time offers that customers won’t be able to ever see again in your store, showing them that if they don’t by now, they’ll be missing out on some big cost savings.


Make them feel exclusive

Along with a sense of urgency, customers like to feel special. Make them feel exclusive by showing them the in-store specials, or introducing them to your Loyalty Program, that offers a special discount to new members. Make note of how much you enjoy seeing them in store, and if you have them, invite them to special guests parties where they can get exclusive insider deals.


Set Sales Targets with Benefits

It’s a retail strategy that has been used for strategies. Create a program that allows people to see the benefits of spending more. For instance, if they spend $50 in your store, they’ll earn points towards store credit on a future purchase, or get a free accessory. Give your shoppers something to look forward to when they hit the cash register, knowing that they’ll get a “free” benefit from their purchases.


Point Out Benefits of Purchase Limits

Purchase limits may sound oppressive, but truthfully, one single person is able to buy a heck of a lot of cannabis in one day. If someone is buying an eighth, point out the financial benefits of purchasing an ounce and how purchasing larger quantities saves money in the long run.


Use Holidays for Creative Sales

New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4/20… the list goes on and on for days that your dispensary can create effective and creative in-store sales to entice your customer. For Christmas, fill a stocking with some accessories that you can give people for $100 or more purchases. For Valentine’s Day, create “his” and “hers” options to double the purchases automatically. Use 4/20 as a day to build on people’s already existing enthusiasm about legal cannabis.


Know Your Customer

Use your data and your team insights, as well as the information available in your POS to point out things your customer may like, based on what you know about them, their demographic, and their purchase history. POS data is a goldmine for getting inside your customer’s head. Point out what you know about them based on the rapport you’ve built and the data in front of you to help them feel like they’re understood. Being understood, and having the needs they don’t even yet know they have pointed out, creates an eager customer.


Be creative, in the ways that you can add value to the purchase of your customers through upselling. A lot of the times, cannabis culture is opening up the eyes of your customers to ways cannabis can enhance their lifestyle through some of the innovative products on the market today. Also make sure to be intentional about each customer’s experience, and you should be on your way to leading the sales records for your budtending team and increasing the bottom line of your dispensary’s sales.


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