Virginia Governor Officially Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bills Into Law

“The move to decriminalize cannabis possession in Virginia is long overdue”

The governor of Virginia signed a pair of identical bills on Thursday to decriminalize marijuana possession in the state.

Following the lawmakers’ initial passage of the measures in March, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) recommended a series of amendments and sent the legislation back to the Senate and House of Delegates for consideration. While they adopted 15 amendments, they rejected two, including one that proposed to delay a required study into the impact of broader cannabis legalization.

The revised bills were sent back to Northam, and now he’s officially approved them. In a press release, Northam didn’t explicitly discuss the decriminalization legislation but said he is “proud of the accomplishments we made together during this General Assembly session.”

“We advanced long-neglected priorities, including rights and protections for Virginians,” he said. “We were able to redirect funding to address the COVID-19 pandemic, and a number of the laws we enacted are proving to be more important than ever.”

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