Washington Dispensaries Preparing For Leaf Data Implementation

Washington State is making some changes to the way they track marijuana in-state

Starting on November 1st, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) will start using Leaf Data Systems as the state traceability provider. The Liquor and Cannabis board is anticipating that the switchover may have some bugs and sent notifications to inform dispensaries. Dispensaries have been told to keep more than two weeks of cannabis products on hand, in case there are issues with the switchover. The switch will not affect how marijuana is sold in the state, or how individual dispensaries deal with their clients.

What it means for retail:  Washington State is making some changes to the way they track marijuana in-state. This new system should help the state keep track of every seed and marijuana clone in a grow house in Washington. The state is also being proactive and letting purveyors of marijuana that there may be some issues and they should be well stocked with product in case something goes wrong. This is good news for retail because it shows how a mature marijuana market works. The state cannabis board knew they had to update their software, and they made sure to let everyone know what was coming and what problems could arise. This appears to be a mature trend that will continue within the state.

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