Weedmaps’ New Docuseries “Uprooted” Premieres

It asks the question: Is California a model for other states to follow

Weedmaps debuted a new three-part docuseries about the complex impact of medical and recreational cannabis on Sept. 2 entitled “Uprooted,” according to a press release. The new docuseries can be watched on the platform’s website.

Even more so today than ever, cannabis is becoming a viable industry, as governors in multiple states classified cannabis as essential.

“Uprooted” features interviews with experts and advocates, such as John Entwistle, Jr., author and political activist; Joe Airone, Sweetleaf Joe founder and director at Sweetleaf Collection; and Alphonso “Tucky” Blunt Jr., owner of Blunts and Moore.

The docuseries explores the unexpected consequences of legalization in California, and the irony of prisoners still locked up for the same plant that is now sold commercially.

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