West Virginia Cannabis Office Grading Grower Applications This Week

The state is limiting the number of grower permits to 10

The West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis is in the final stages of reviewing grower applicants and will begin scoring applications this week.

The state is limiting the number of grower permits to 10, processer permits to 10 and dispensaries permits to up to 100. Processer and dispensary applications will be evaluated after scorers consider grower applications.

Office director Jason Frame told MetroNews each applicant had to explain how their operation would function.

“We’re looking for things like employee education, qualifications, security plans, plans surrounding safety processes during the growing, processing and dispensing stages,” he said. “The applicants have to detail all of that in their applications.”

Frame noted the applications can be hundreds of pages; five outside scorers with “outside experience” handling such projects will handle the application review process.

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