What To Look For When Hiring New Budtenders

Making sure that you get the best possible staff for your store

We took a roundup of quotes from some of the top retailers in cannabis about what they tell their dispensary managers to look for in order to get the best possible staff for your retail outlet.
“The number one thing that my Dispensary Managers look for when interviewing a candidate for Blüm, is passion for the industry.  We will teach them about cannabis, retail, sales, internal controls, and compliance.  Passion comes from within and we cannot be taught.  When someone is passionate about cannabis, they will be more willing to receiving the information and become an outstanding employee.” – Mikel Alvarez, Director of Retail Operations at Terra Tech
“New hires for our dispensaries must be comfortable with the legal issues of cannabis and cannabis users.  We look for employees with stellar communication and interpersonal skills to foster educational conversations with patients seeking relief or recreational consumers seeking an experience. While employees must have some knowledge about cannabis through training or as a user, we provide the in-depth training necessary to effectively sell new varieties of strains and cannabis-infused products to meet the customer and patient’s needs. Above all, we are looking for employees who can help them feel comfortable conversing and purchasing in a welcoming, professional and safe environment.” – Robert Fireman, CEO of MariMed Inc.
“When hiring, I am looking for candidates that will complement our existing team, match the company culture, and show a willingness to continuously learn more about marijuana on a daily basis. Industry experience is not required, but bartending, serving, and retail experience can all prepare candidates to work in the dispensary.  Equity applicants are encouraged to apply as well.” – Chris Schulman, General Manager at Grassroots
“We look for integrity in a new hire – more specifically, someone we can trust. We have very high standards for our customer service. We need to know that applicants can live up to our expectations and the high bar we set, so our customers always have the best possible experience.” – Jesse Henry, Executive Director of Barbary Coast
“In new hires we look for individuals who are customer service oriented with extensive sales, inventory, or administrative experience for our dispensaries. A positive attitude, attention to detail, and a passion for the industry are a must as well. Many individuals have the perception that dispensaries are filled with “stoners” however, that is just not the case here. We are a highly regulated industry with strict guidelines set by the state that we must adhere to and the smallest careless mistake could lead to us losing our ability to operate. While we want to preserve the culture and attitude that has surrounded cannabis for decades, your stereotypical “stoner” would not fit in well here.” – Ashley Culberg, Operations Manager at Thrive
“We are constantly looking for hardworking, energetic individuals eager to learn and grow within our company. It is important for new hires to be self-starters who share a passion for both our brand and the cannabis industry.” – David Farris, Director of Marketing at Planet 13 Las Vegas

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