Why Cannabis Education Matters

The key to fighting misinformation is real information

“How can I help you?” a lovely saleswoman in West Hollywood recently asked me during my visit to a local weed shop. Budtenders like her make an average of $14.90 an hour, and the turnover rate is 70 percent within the first 90 days of employment, according to recent research by Vangst. 

This is shocking, considering a budtender (or flower host, wellness guide, cannabis consultant, or whatever you call them) is often the first person a cannabis consumer encounters in their purchasing journey. They’re the ones asking questions, making recommendations, sharing their expertise. So why does the industry treat them like, well, bartenders without the tips? 

The lack of support for decent, experienced budtenders is in a way ironic considering that the industry is trying so hard to educate potential customers. Until we’ve really nailed the information piece, the green business will struggle to grow. 

Consider the Winter Issue of Green Entrepreneur Magazine our Education issue. For starters, our list of the 25 best budtenders calls out the true heroes of the business — those qualified experts on the front lines helping people make informed decisions every day.  

Then dive into the vaping crisis. Everyone in the cannabis industry knows that the majority of the illnesses and deaths are caused by black market products, many laced with cutting agents such as vitamin E acetate. But Joe and Joanna Public have no idea — they think it’s a pot problem. And some of our media friends aren’t helping with big headlines blaming THC for the crisis. As frustrating as this is, it’s also fixable. The best remedy for misinformation is real information. And lots of it.

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