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Why Dispensaries Should Invest In SEO Instead of Print

Digital marketing is more necessary to today’s business than traditional

When it comes to dispensary marketing, digital is the way to go! Many dispensaries consider engaging in print marketing at some point in time. However, effective dispensary marketing in the digital age simply requires much more than just paper. Not only that, some states have banned print marketing for dispensaries and others heavily regulate it.

As online shopping and e-commerce continue to gain momentum in the retail market, establishing an online presence has never been more important. A dispensary marketing system built around digital marketing solutions can increase exposure and boost sales much more effectively than the use of print marketing.

Online Shopping Is The Future

Statistics indicate that online shopping is growing rapidly. According to a recent survey, an estimated 8.8% of global retail sales were made online in 2018, totaling approximately $2.489 trillion USD.

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