Why This New Santa Rosa Dispensary May Represent The Future Of Cannabis Stores

Doobie Nights is definitely a trip to say the least

Before entering the groovy inner sanctum of Doobie Nights, Santa Rosa’s newest cannabis dispensary, Brandon Levine paused in the so-called “Portal of Wonder.” He is the executive director of this psychedelic, 3,700-square-foot space on Santa Rosa Avenue, which is celebrating its grand opening Friday and Saturday.

Pointing to a modernistic lectern where a smiling employee will regulate the flow of traffic into the main sales room, he said, “It will be like checking in for a flight, almost.”

Doobie Nights is definitely a trip, a radical departure from the nondescript, clinical environment of most cannabis dispensaries. Its white walls are bedecked with sculptural elements, each wrapped with LED lighting.

“And then, over the top of that, you have the pictures we’re projecting” onto those walls, said Damon Craig, the general manager of Doobie Nights. Those vistas included, during a reporter’s midweek visit, shimmering galaxies, a lush tropical island, the pyramids of Egypt, a spectacular waterfall and a snow-covered forest.

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