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It may surprise you to find that in Colorado, there are nearly twice as many cannabis retail outlets as there are Starbucks and McDonald’s, combined. The same is happening in other states where cannabis has been legalized. As you might expect, this trend will accelerate as more states look favorably on the fiscal benefits of retail cannabis sales. Various projections indicate that the number of retail outlets to double or triple over the next five years.

More outlets mean more competition in this fast-paced business, thankfully it is a market that we are uniquely positioned to understand. Our principals are industry experts that bring a wealth of experience in dispensary ownership and retail store management, product distribution, technology, and business-to-business media. Our combined skills and decades of experience uniquely qualify us to provide retailers with the tools and information to succeed in this exciting new frontier. 


Marijuana Retail Report is a national online trade publication serving retailers of cannabis products and accessories. News and information are geared strictly to select retail channels, with distribution limited to licensed collectives, recreational retailers, accessories retailers, and wholesalers.


Every generation or so something comes along that’s impact on society is so profound, it fundamentally changes the way things are done moving forward. The last big thing was in the realm of technology, coming in the form of ever smaller and ever more powerful personal computers. The next big thing is already here: Cannabis retail, manufacturing, products, and accessories.

As this market doubles and triples in dollar volume and customer usage over the next few years, it is clear that more stores will need to open to accommodate this market growth.

More outlets means more competition in this fast moving business. Thankfully, it is a market that we uniquely understand as a result of our collective experience and core connections within the industry. Our team brings a blend of experience in dispensary and retail management, as well as product marketing, technology, business-to-business publishing and online media.

Our combined skills and experience uniquely qualifies us to provide retailers in the cannabis industry with the tools and information they will require to succeed in this exciting new era. That’s why we have created Marijuana Retail Report.

Each day Marijuana Retail Report provides the latest news about retailing as it impacts this market. We collect news and provide information that will help retailers run a better business.

We look forward to working with you on making your cannabis business better and more informed, as well as getting your brand out to those who need it.

We look forward to working with you on your retailer marketing programs.



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