Colorado Bill Proposes Raising Cannabis Possession Limit, Sealing Records

Colorado’s current limit is 1 oz for rec and 2 oz’s for medical

A new bill in the Colorado Legislature proposes raising the limit for adult possession of marijuana to two ounces, and also clearing the records of more low-level pot offenders.

Introduced by state Representative Alex Valdez, a Democrat from Denver, House Bill 1090 would require courts to seal past convictions for possession of two ounces of marijuana or less without giving district attorneys a chance to object. A conviction for a class three marijuana cultivation felony — which involves a charge of growing more than twelve plants but fewer than 25 — would also be sealed, although growing that many plants would not be legalized.

Colorado’s current marijuana possession limit for adults is one ounce, with registered medical marijuana patients allowed two ounces; the state’s marijuana plant limit for home growers is twelve plants, with six of those allowed to be mature at a given time.

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