Wyoming Decriminalization, Medical Cannabis Initiatives Enter Signature-Gathering Process

The secretary of state’s office approved the latest version of each proposal

Activists in Wyoming around continuing the push to bring legal cannabis, medicinal and otherwise, to the state following a number of challenges over the years. Now, two Wyoming cannabis reform initiatives have progressed, now paving the way for each to qualify for the state’s 2022 ballot.

Advocates, made up of the state and national Libertarian Party alongside Wyoming community leaders, submitted two ballot initiative proposals to Wyoming’s Secretary of State in Cheyenne back in June: one will create a medical cannabis program with dispensaries and an allowance for people to grow a limited quantity of plants; the other proposal would decriminalize cannabis in Wyoming. The initiatives were introduced after another bill, which would have legalized recreational cannabis, though that bill was not considered on the House floor.

The secretary of state’s office approved the latest version of each proposal, which leaves advocates to gather at least 100 signatures from people to act as co-sponsors and make the certification final, per initiative, to move forward. The only requirement surrounding those first 100 signatures is that they must come from registered Wyoming voters, anywhere in the state.

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