Baker’s Cannabis Co. Launches Infused Pre-Rolls

Baker’s infused pre-rolls will be available in dispensaries across California

Baker’s Cannabis Co., part of CANNDESCENT’s house of brands, expands its product portfolio with a line of potent infused pre-rolls at a budget-friendly price-point. The pre-rolls extend Baker’s promise to marry high quality with affordability for the daily cannabis consumer by delivering consistent 30% potency at a price below many non-infused pre-rolls.

The infused pre-rolls are filled with Baker’s strain-specific cannabis, available in either indica, sativa, or hybrid varieties, including Peach Ozz, Meat Breath, and Garlic Breath. Once rolled, Baker’s infuses the pre-rolls with high-potency oil and blend-specific terpenes to enhance both potency and flavor. Next, each joint is rolled in THC-rich kief for the ultimate entourage-effect and a dynamic, full-body high.

“Infused pre-rolls are one of the fastest-growing categories in the cannabis industry, and it felt like a natural extension of the Baker’s product line,” said CEO & Founder, Adrian Sedlin. “Testing over 135 different approaches, we took our time developing a potent pre-roll infused to deliver a great infused experience at category-best pricing.” 

Made with all-natural papers and a twisted end, Baker’s infused pre-rolls start with an easy-to light tip and deliver a clean, smooth smoke from beginning to end. They are packaged in air-tight tubes to preserve the coating and structure and placed crutch-side up for easy grabbing. Unlike similar pre-rolls that retail for $20 each, Baker’s infused pre-rolls carry a suggested retail price of under $15.

The infused pre-rolls expand Baker’s popular and affordable product line of one gram pre-rolls, non-infused multipacks, and half-ounce pre-ground pouches with rolling papers and crutches. Baker’s infused pre-rolls will be available in dispensaries across California.

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About Baker’s Cannabis Co.
At Baker’s, our mission is to provide quality cannabis at an affordable price. Each year, we grow over 15,000 pounds of flower, available in some of the most popular sativa, hybrid, and indica strains on the market. Our roll-your-own pouches, flower, and infused pre-rolls are designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday routine. So whether you share with the group or enjoy solo, you can count on Baker’s to deliver a quality smoke at a great price. To learn more about Baker’s Cannabis Co, visit and @bakerscannabis. We’re Baker’s. Let’s make friends!

About Canndescent
Canndescent, the #1 supplier of flower pre-rolls in California, continuously redefines and raises the cannabis experience as California’s leading brand house. For five years, the company has spearheaded multiple industry firsts, including replacing traditional strain names with effects to simplify the consumer experience, implementing the industry’s first commercial scale solar project, launching the first brand to address the luxury market, and creating the first not-for-profit brand to donate 100% of profits to cannabis-related social justice causes. The company’s brand family includes Canndescent for the ultra-premium market, goodbrands for the midmarket, Baker’s Cannabis Co. for value consumers and JUSTICE JOINTS for consumers who want to use their dollars to fight for social justice. Canndescent’s products and brands are available for purchase throughout California.

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