BEED Wants To Be the Nespresso Of Weed, Rolling Joints In Under 20 Seconds

BEED is poised to become “The Nespresso of Cannabis,”

With marijuana legalization entering new territories on a monthly basis, we haven’t been surprised with the sudden rise of luxury stoner accessories. High-end companies like House Plant are now catering to the sophisticated stoner who’s moved well beyond black light posters and dirty bongs. But we’ve got to admit that this latest invention is one we didn’t see coming: an automatic joint roller.

That’s right: There’s now a machine that will roll you perfect joints tailored to your liking in seconds — and we’re here for it.

Poised to become “The Nespresso of Cannabis,” the BEED machine rolls a joint using a simple process that only requires you to insert a pod (aka, a BEED) and press a button. It’s essentially a lazy weed smoker’s dream, bypassing the cannabis roll-up and getting straight to the lighting and smoking.

The countertop marijuana machine is the first of its kind, rolling and dispensing “perfectly rolled .5g joints” in just 20 seconds. To use it, you’ll have to purchase the brand’s pre-packaged cannabis BEED pods, which are offered in different strains that produce a variety of results, from productive to relaxed.

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