California’s Caliva Pax Era Vapes Now Available

Vapes are available in 6 different strains and 2 vaping options

Caliva – California’s leading direct-to-consumer platform – debuts their newest product, Caliva Pax Era Vapes, which are now accessible with PAX devices* and available in 6 different strains and 2 vaping options: Caliva Fresh Flower Pax Era Vapes and Caliva Classic Pax Era Vapes.

Staying true to their beliefs in the power of the cannabis plant and its natural ingredients, Caliva Fresh Flower Pax Era Vapes are 100% cannabis, free from additives, fillers and artificial ingredients – clean and simple, like nature intended. Using single-source terpenes from Caliva’s award-winning flower and the brand’s “farm to cart” method, customers can trust that each fresh flower vape flavor offers a high potency, true to flower taste and smooth hit.

Caliva Classic Pax Era Vapes offer high-potency vapes for every occasion. Free from additives such as Vitamin E acetate, MTC oil, coconut oil and more, Caliva Classic Pax Era Vapes are rich with delicious flavor.

Caliva Pax Era Vapes Now Available
Caliva Fresh Flower Pax Era Vapes
Alien OGSettle into this heavy hitting experience with earthy pine and citrus. Product Details: Indica, 88% THC, half gram, $35+tax
Sour Diesel Lemon KushBe invigorated by zesty lemon and earthy, kush undertones. Product Details: Sativa, 88% THC, half gram, $35+tax
Caliva Classic Pax Era Vapes
Pillow TalkDrift off into a dreamworld state with this grape and tropical fruit flavored relaxing indica blend. Product Details: Indica, 90% THC, half gram, $28+tax
Afternoon DelightSlip into a sweet, silky, satisfying and chill mood with this luscious combo of lemon and cream. Product Details: Hybrid, 88%, half gram, $28+tax
Kiss The SkyKeep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground with this citrus and fresh pine sativa dominant hybrid. Product Details: Sativa Dominant Hybrid, 88% THC, half gram, $28+tax
Daybreak Start the day on a high (elevated) note with this sweet, floral strain. Product Details: Sativa, 89% THC, half gram, $28+tax

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