Canada’s Sixth-Biggest City To Consider Lifting Ban On Cannabis Stores

A lifting of the ban would allow legal merchants to challenge illegal sellers

Mississauga – Canada’s sixth-largest city by population – is going to have an opportunity to reconsider its existing ban on legal cannabis stores in early June, MJBizDaily has learned.

The city, which is near Toronto, is among nearly 70 municipalities in Ontario that prohibited regulated cannabis stores from setting up shop after Canada legalized adult-use marijuana in late 2018.

Mississauga has a population (721,599 per the 2016 Census) higher than most provincial capitals, so a move there to bring cannabis sales under the watchful eye of regulators would open the door to significant retail opportunities in the city.

A lifting of the ban would also allow legal merchants to challenge illegal sellers for their market share for the first time.

Mississauga Councilor Karen Ras told MJBizDaily a staff report will be brought to Council on June 9.

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