Cannabis Retailers Now Outnumber Liquor Stores In Albuquerque New Mexico

“We are literally what you call all in, like all in”

A year after marijuana became legal in New Mexico, Albuquerque now has more pot shops than liquor stores. Driving around the city, it feels like they are in every strip mall, and they just keep coming.

“We were coming down to our very last, you know, of our financial security. And just in time we opened up and it’s, it’s been a blessing,” said Andre Galarza, of his family-owned pot shop.

The longtime Albuquerque resident opened 505 Farms on Lomas Boulevard in December 2022. The attention to detail outside and inside the store is evident. He told KRQE he and his wife will do anything to see their business succeed because they gave everything to open it. “We literally put our entire retirement, mine and hers. And we are literally what you call all in, like all in,” Galarza explained.

Their mom-and-pop pot shop is a cannabis microbusiness, meaning they can only grow 200 plants. “So, all this flower I’ve grown,” Galarza said, pointing at his products on the shelf. “We only support New Mexico grown, New Mexico extracted, New Mexico business, period,” he added.

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