Cannabis Titans Troll Each Other Over ‘Knock Off’ Brand

In short, there’s a dogfight over a copycat

When the cannabis brand Dogwalkers launched in 2016, it was billed as the perfect mini-joint to smoke while taking a stroll with a four-legged friend. The inspiration for the product—a Poodle mix named Bailey—was even pictured on the packaging.

The premium pre-rolled weed has since become a hot seller, now available in seven states—Illinois, New Jersey and Virginia among them—with a portion of proceeds donated to animal welfare groups in Bailey’s memory.

While its origin story is heartwarmingly chill, the brand now finds itself in a buzz-harshing standoff with a major competitor. The issue is a suspiciously similar-looking new product called Trekkers that recently debuted in Florida.

In short, there’s a dogfight over a copycat.

The territorial battle has played out mainly on social media and, so far, the fur isn’t flying in the form of legal threats or cease and desist letters.

But there has been plenty of trolling back and forth between Dogwalkers’ parent company Green Thumb Industries and Trekkers’ parent Trulieve, two titans of the weed world with a combined market capitalization of more than $4.6 billion, per Benzinga.

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