Cannabis Waste In Washington State Would Be Diverted From Landfills Under New Bill

SB-5376 aims to reduce the amount of methane produced in landfills

Senate Bill 5376 was recently passed in the House in Washington state on Feb. 29, which would establish new rules for cannabis waste if it became law.

Currently, cannabis waste (specifically roots, stalks, leaves, and stems that aren’t considered to be “dangerous”) is dumped into landfills and produces methane gas as it decomposes. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 50% of landfill gas consists of methane, which is 28 times more effective than carbon dioxide to trap heat in the atmosphere.

SB-5376 aims to reduce the amount of cannabis waste, and methane gas, that is being produced in Washington landfills. If the law is signed by Gov. Jay Inslee, it would allow cannabis cultivators and processors to sell that plant material with 0.3% THC or less to the general public instead. According to a report from The Spokesman-Review, public buyers could use plant waste for composting or use it to make certain hemp products such as hempcrete, which can be used to make hempcrete or insulation, or hemp fiber products like clothing or animal bedding.

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