Cheech And Chong Are Bringing Cannabis To The Bible Belt With New Mississippi Partnership

“It’s legal in Mississippi and it can help people”

Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Co. and Southern Sky Brands, a leading Mississippi-based provider of medical cannabis products announced their strategic partnership aimed at expanding access to high-quality products is about to take off. 

WJTV reporter Kayla Thompson spoke directly to Cheech Marin on Monday about the new situation about how he and his partner Tommy Chong decided to come to Mississippi.

“First of all, it’s legal in Mississippi and it can help people,” Cheech said in the TV interview. “And it can help people, especially as they get older. The CBD world is taking off because it helps with constant and chronic pain.”

Cheech talked about his two knee replacements and how for the first one he was prescribed opioids, which made him depressed and it didn’t work well enough.

“For the next one, I used dabs, which is concentrated distilled marijuana and it was unbelievable,” Cheech told the TV network. “It helped me with the pain. I had a two-month recovery rather than a six-month recovery. And I had no trouble working out and doing all the other exercises you are supposed to do after a knee replacement.”

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