‘Clean weed’ Is About To Be Everywhere In California. Here’s What You Need To Know

So what, exactly, is clean weed

In recent years, the clean living trend that has its roots in the organic food movement has made “clean” a potent buzzword for an ever-increasing number of things we put in or near our bodies. First, there were clean beauty products, then clean cleaning products, and now clean weed. It’s about to be everywhere in the Golden State and it’s a lot more than a Goop-ification-of-ganja marketing ploy.

So what, exactly, is clean weed? Why should you care about what chemicals may be in your pot products as long as they test below state-mandated levels? And finally, if you decide to board the chemical-free cannabis train, how do you find it on your local dispensary shelf? (Hint: It’s not going to be labeled “clean weed.”)

What is clean weed, anyway?

If the whole notion of clean weed has you scratching your head and muttering, “Dude, it comes from a plant, so how much cleaner can it be,” think of it like fruit and vegetables grown with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides versus those grown organically. And, just as organically grown and non-organically grown produce can sit side by side in your local grocery store, cannabis grown with or without the help of chemicals is legally sold across California as long as it tests below state-mandated levels for a range of heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins and the like that might find their way into a living plant. Products with too high a level to be safe never make it to legal dispensary shelves.

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