Colorado Department Of Agriculture Pesticide Use In Cannabis Production Updated

Pyrethrum TR Insecticide is no longer allowed for use in Cannabis production

The pesticide Pyrethrum TR Total Release Insecticide has been on the list of pesticides that can be used in Cannabis production for many years. However, it was recently brought to the Department’s attention that the manufacturer of this insecticide revised the product label language.

Upon review of the label revisions it was determined that the new language restricts the uses for Pyrethrum TR such that use on Cannabis is no longer allowed. As a result of these label changes, Pyrethrum TR has been removed from the list of pesticides allowed for use in Cannabis production and it can no longer be legally used on Cannabis.

Both the old and new versions of the Pyrethrum TR label include a list of food crop groups that would not include Cannabis. However, the older label allowed use on “bedding plants, . . . potted flowering plants and ornamentals”, indicating that bedding plants and potted flowering plants were not limited to ornamentals. The new label revisions place bedding plants and flowering plants under the “ornamental crops” category.

Growers that have this product in their possession with the older label language noted above may use their existing stocks. Newer stocks can be used according to the label directions, but not on Cannabis because Cannabis is not in any of the crop groups. If you have any questions please contact your local inspector or the Pesticides Program at

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