Colorado Governor Signs Bill To Double Marijuana Possession Limit

Gov. Jared Polis (D) held a signing ceremony for the legislation

The governor of Colorado on Thursday signed a bill to double the marijuana possession limit for adults in the state—and he’s directing state law enforcement to identify people with prior convictions for the new limit who he may be able to pardon.

Gov. Jared Polis (D) held a signing ceremony for the legislation, which would increase the amount of cannabis a person 21 or older could lawfully carry from one to two ounces. It would also require courts to approve requests to have prior records for cannabis possession sealed without consulting with a district attorney as long as the proper documentation is provided.

“This is a very exciting bill in the vein of criminal justice reform because, for far too long, the consequences for people who had a personal amount of cannabis before it had been legalized still had a long shadow on them so for doing something that is fully legal today,” Polis said. “They might have something on their record—and, of course, disproportionately people of color— that might get in the way of them getting loans or leases or licenses or jobs or mortgages or many other things.”

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