Conversations In Cannabis: David Daily – CEO of GRAV

We sat down with David to discuss GRAV and the cannabis accessories market

GRAV, the leader in handcrafted glass cannabis smoking accessories, has introduced its first GRAV Reserve glass joint line in California. The company teamed up with premium cannabis cultivators in Southern California to fill GRAV glass with the highest quality and freshest locally-grown flower.

“After last year’s successful release of the first-ever glass joints, we’re taking the next step into the flower business and elevating the game,” said David Daily, founder and CEO of GRAV. “Fragrant and terpene-heavy, these strains deserve all the glory, with no paper or glue detracting from the gorgeous essence of the herb.”

We sat down with David to discuss everything from how the accessories industry has changed in 17 years to his deal with The Cure Company to bring GRAV Reserve to the Californian cannabis market.

00:25 – When did you launch GRAV and what was the drive to do so?
01:52 – Were you worried about a second wave from Operation Pipe Dreams?
05:00 – What’s the biggest innovation that has happened in the industry in your opinion?
07:30 – What’s the R&D process behind some of your more creative pieces?
09:17 – Was there ever a product you loved that never made it to market?
11:00 – How did you find a partner and launch GRAV Reserve in California?
13:25 – How was the selection process for cannabis in the GRAV Reserve done?
15:00 – Are you looking beyond California with the GRAV Reserve?
16:00 – Are you hopeful for a legislative change in your home state of Texas?
17:40 – What is the hottest market for accessories right now?
21:12 – What’s the next 5 years look like for you?

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