Conversations In Cannabis: Lauren Carpenter, CEO & Co-Founder at Embarc

We sat down with Lauren to talk about Grasslands, edibles, and more

Lauren Carpenter, CEO & Co-Founder of California based retailer Embarc, has over a decade of experience building prolific teams and leading successful strategy for some of the most diverse business coalitions and campaigns in California, including dozens of Fortune 50 companies. 

Before Carpenter co-founded Embarc, she served as Chief Strategy Officer for Sweet Flower, and Director of Government Affairs for Western States at MedMen. Carpenter brought her extensive cannabis experience in government, regulatory, public, and community affairs to Embarc and into her role as CEO. Carpenter has become a trusted advisor to elected officials and continues to work with government agencies throughout the state and across the country to implement thoughtful cannabis regulations within communities to create mutually beneficial operations.

We sat down with Lauren last month to talk about everything from taxes, expansion, and being the retailer for the Grasslands area at Outside Lands in San Francisco. 

All this and more in this week’s Conversations in Cannabis!


00:28 – Conversation regarding about consumption

01:44 – Conversation about CBD pushing the idea of cannabis into the mainstream

3:43 – Conversation about regulations in California

12:20 – Conversation about regulators understanding the frustrations of operators (*I meant social equity applicants at 12:13 when I said social use applicants.)

20:10 – Conversation about lobby groups and the possibility of merging within the lobby industry

24:13 – Is there a particular brand that is helping move the paradigm forward in the industry?

27:01 – Where is the consumer market headed into the future?

32:20 – Are you seeing more educated questions coming from the consumers?

40:12 – When you are deciding on locations you want to open, what are some KPI’s you look at?

45:10 – What does possible expansion for Embarc look like?

We’d like to thank Lauren for her time in being on today’s episode. You can find out more about Embarc by visiting them online at Stay tuned to the next episode of Conversations in Cannabis!

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