Conversations In Cannabis: Ricardo Willis – CEO of Hanu Labs

We sat down with Ricardo to talk about his personal journey into cannabis

In the ultra-competitive vaporization market, Hanu Labs has successfully established itself and is continuing to build on its previous wins. In February of this year, Ricardo Willis was named as Chief Executive Officer of Hanu Labs. Ricardo being a veteran of the proposition 215 days in California has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fully understanding the plant having started from the ground up in the industry.

We sat down with Ricardo to talk about his personal journey into cannabis. Starting from his early days of being a classically trained chef switching to a product demonstrator for Jetty Extracts to becoming the CEO of Hanu Labs.

All this and more in this week’s Conversations in Cannabis!


00:24 – What made you want to switch from being a chef to working in cannabis?

04:15 – Do you think drive is the one thing holding most people back from the industry?

06:10 – What has surprised you about the evolution of the accessories market?

07:35 – What is the future of the accessories market?

08:40 – What advice would you give to young minorities trying to break into the market?

10:27 – What are some pitfalls you saw from other entrepreneurs that helped you navigate?

12:55 – What does education in the cannabis space look like in the future?

14:55 – How do you remove apprehension from someone who maybe had a bad experience?

17:05 – If you are a retailer, how best can you break through your consumer with education?

22:19 – How would you best ease someone in to trying medical cannabis for the first time?

27:40 – What do you think it will take for hold-out states to finally legalize medical cannabis?

29:12 – Are you hopeful for federal legalization in the next 3-5 years?

31:00 – Will taxation in cannabis eventually be eased or is it here to stay?

32:20 – What are some changes you will be bringing to Hanu Labs?

 We would like to thank Ricardo for his time in being on today’s episode. You can find out more Hanu Labs by visiting them online at

As always, a special thanks also goes out to JP Bianchini for the licensed use of his track for our theme song. You can find out more about JP Bianchini by visiting his website at

Stay tuned to the next episode on Conversations in Cannabis!

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