Conversations In Cannabis: Shavo Odadjian – Founder Of 22Red

We sat down with Shavo at his LA recording studio to talk cannabis

In the world of music, System of a Down is legend. Their bassist, Shavo Odadjian, is now a legend in his own right in the world of cannabis. Having founded the California based cannabis lifestyle brand 22Red back in 2018, Shavo has since expanded his line into the Nevada and Arizona adult-use markets.

We sat down with Shavo in Los Angeles to discuss 22Red’s 7/10 concentrates drop in Las Vegas as well as what we can expect from the brand in the future, on this weeks edition of Conversations in Cannabis.


00:35 – How was your 4/20?

02:40 – What is the process in deciding what you want to bring to market?

07:30 – Has the California cannabis market gotten better or worse as an operator since you started?

09:30 – What is your timeline to be able to launch your greenhouse line and concentrates line in California?

10:00 – How did you get teamed up with Jardin for your 7/10 launch in Las Vegas?

12:00 – Can celebrity brands win on name alone?

15:00 – Do you expect the consumers to want

17:35 – Do you expect federal legalization in the next 3 to 5 years?

18:40 – Could Texas go legal and mess up what’s going on in Oklahoma?

23:20 – Where do you want 22Red to be in 2-3 years?

25:25 – If you had one piece of advice that you could give to operators coming in, what would it be?

We would like to thank Shavo for his time in being on today’s episode. You can find out more about 22Red by visiting

Special thanks also goes out to JP Bianchini for the licensed use of his track Upbeat Corporate. You can find out more about JP Bianchini by visiting his website at

Stay tuned to the next episode on Conversations in Cannabis!

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