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Daily Tip – During The Sale (Clienteling)

During The Sale

Smart retailers leverage proven techniques to improve the in-store consumer experience, and their own sales success.


Clienteling. Fewer than one in ten retailers leverage clienteling tools and processes, which results in a lost opportunity for building personal relationships between consumers and associates. In fact, consumer research consistently shows that personal attention makes the difference between browsing and buying.

Clienteling delivers agile and personalized customer service often using mobile devices such as tablets or portable POS terminals. This engagement technique empowers sales associates to provide an exceptional in-store customer experience by supporting key processes such as guided selling, updates to customer information, communication of special events or promotions, deep (often animated) product content, inventory availability, cross-sell and up-sell suggestions, mobile check-out, portable payment processing, shipping information and a 360 degree view of the customer relationship (including style and brand preferences, prior purchases, active warranties, loyalty program information, key dates such as anniversaries and birthdays, and more.)

Advanced clienteling applications can also deliver event-triggered actions and reminders for associates as well as high fit product recommendations based on customer attributes, prior purchases and intelligent algorithms. And retailers are beginning to use clienteling to avert the rise of showrooming with cross-channel order fulfillment capabilities such as buy online/pickup from the store, buy online/ship from the store or buy in the store/ship from elsewhere. In my own experience I’ve also created sales associate dashboards on clienteling apps that deliver a visual reinforcement of key performance indicators such as sales bookings.


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