Extractioneering Launches Innovative New Cured Cannabis Extract In Oregon

These full maturity extracts are vaporized at far lower temperatures

Extractioneering, a scientific company with a primary focus on producing full-spectrum extracts from cannabis, announces the launch of a innovative new type of cannabis extract. This new product, titled “5150ies on the Rocks” will be released in limited batches available in select Oregon dispensaries. 

“5150ies on the Rocks” is a perfect blend of the in-house invention High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE’s) and THCa Diamonds. This product is made with 100% properly cured cannabis; no frozen live resins ever. This mixture of sauce and diamonds is expertly developed to deliver a potent and exciting experience every time. Extractioneering prides itself on creating reproducible, consistent, small batch, strain-specific products. 

“5150ies OTR is the final piece in our product portfolio providing a larger dabable diamond size combined with the effect, flavor and experience of a cured carbonated liquid HTFSE oleoresin.” said Dr. Daniel Hayden Ph.D., Plant Molecular Physiologist, and Chief Scientific Officer at Extractioneering.

HTFSE is a carbonated cured liquid cannabis resin constructed through a scientific process engineered to preserve virgin profile complexity over distilled single cannabinoid purity. CO2 preserves the molecular architecture of the resin acting as a buffer and cosolvent during butane extraction. After butane is completely removed, CO2 slowly releases allowing each resin molecule to achieve discrete bioavailability. CO2 protects the delicate ends of the molecules and allows the extract to effervesce during vaporization which imparts flavor and experience. These full maturity extracts are vaporized at far lower temperatures in comparison to both Live Resin and solventless products resulting in a more pleasant vaporization. 

About Extractioneering: 

Extractioneering is a biotechnological cannabis company with over 25 years of experience in the science of cannabis. Fundamental understanding of plant biochemistry and the trials of plant nucleic acid extractions provide the team with tremendous insight into capturing and then balancing oleoresin extracts. 

For more information about Extractioneering, please visit their website at: 

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