FDA Will Use Reddit To Learn About Cannabis-Derived Products Including CBD & Delta-8

The hope is to gain a better understanding of public health issues

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it plans to use Reddit and other data sources to gain a better understanding of public health issues surrounding use of CBD and other cannabis-derived products (CDP).

“FDA also needs information about general patterns of product use and emerging trends—and it needs this information in close to real time, so that the FDA can deploy its limited resources quickly and effectively,” the agency said in a report it recently published on its new Cannabis-Derived Products Data Acceleration Plan. “The FDA believes that new approaches to detecting safety signals and other insights using diverse data sources and rigorous analytical methods can contribute significantly to FDA’s ability to respond to emerging and rapidly evolving product areas, like the CDP market.”

The FDA defines the Cannabis-Derived Products Data Acceleration Plan (DAP) as a “portfolio of pilot initiatives and partnerships focused on advancing data-driven safety signal detection.”

According to the agency’s website, the DAP leverages novel data sources and advanced data analytics to identify current and emerging safety vulnerabilities in the CDP market to evaluate consumer vulnerabilities.

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