Forensic Chemist Tests New Nebraska Hemp Oil Products

Word is getting out about new CBD products in Omaha

Faster than it dissolves in water, word is getting out about new CBD products in Omaha.

“It’s been kinda crazy,” Donald Anderson, owner of CBD American Shaman, said.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of more than 100 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant.

Anderson just opened his South Omaha shop Thursday, and was already running out of product on Friday. He sells different variations of cannabidiol- in oil, lotion and pill form, to name a few.

The CBD Anderson sells is derived from the hemp plant, meaning it contains no detectable amount of THC, which is the chemical compound in marijuana that makes you high.

Curiosity brought a lot of customers in Friday.

“Just trying to get more information before I purchase anything,” one man told KETV.

Others were ready to buy, hoping the hemp products can help with chronic pain, arthritis, and other ailments.

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1 Comment

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