Good Stuff Beverage Co.: Experience a California Mood With Frivolity Forward Drinkable Cannabis

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Good Stuff Beverage Company (GOOD STUFF) released a new exciting line of cannabis-infused beverages this summer. The new sips: Indica Calm, Sativa Energy, Hybrid, and High-CBD Hybrid, are crafted with the best quality organic ingredients, terpenes, and infused microemulsions of select, species-specific cannabis strains. Each GOOD STUFF beverage is a mood and an experience that helps Californians slide onto the beach, the porch, and into the club feeling none of the side effects of sweet, alcoholic drinks. The brand relaunched on August 8th at the White Rabbit High Tea Party for an afternoon of tea, frivolity, and nothing but the good stuff.

Hybrid is a refresh of Good Stuff’s customer-favorite Honey Lemonade

Good Stuff is proud to announce the launch of its new branding and glass bottle style (which protects the good stuff inside) for its five beverages. Built around great energy, music, art, and the fun vibe of cannabis, each bottle has a suggested retail of $20:

  • Indica Calm, a chill Strawberry Hibiscus Lemonade made with flower essence and infused with terpenes and an Indica microemulsion for faster absorption. Indica Calm is all-natural, gluten and GMO-free, and has no sodium benzoate.
  • Sativa Energy comes in a zippy Raspberry Lemonade or the best in sweet and sour, a Key Limeade. It will let you rock and roll all night with top notch Sativa. Featuring select terpenes, raw organic whole cane sugar, and 100 mg of infused Sativa microemulsion for faster uptake.
  • Hybrid is a refresh of Good Stuff’s customer-favorite Honey Lemonade: it is all-natural, crafted with bold, sweet, organic tropical blossom honey, real lemon, raw organic whole cane sugar, and is infused with a proprietary blend of terpenes and a microemulsion of hybrid cannabis that is free of gluten, sodium benzoate, and GMOs.
  • Balance is a brand new Black Cherry Lemonade that snaps on the tongue. Brilliantly infused with a radical combination of 100 mg CBD + 100 mg THC, the cannabis microemulsion absorbs quickly so you can get right to it.

GOOD STUFF was born in 2015 when two lifelong friends from New Jersey, CEO and Chief Product Officer Dan Grim, and Vice President and Chief Community Officer Billy Roberts, joined forces in San Diego to create beverages that not only make you vibe to the music of cannabis, they are healthier and better tasting than the super-sweet products on the market. To really understand GOOD STUFF, one must consider the detailed care that goes into every flavor. For example, GOOD STUFF honey is not just any honey. “One of the defining characteristics of our 100mg Lemonade line is the bold, sweet Tropical Blossom honey we use,” says Dan. “It’s pure, organic, regionally and sustainably sourced, and harvested in remote tropical regions around the world. Supporting rainforest farmers helps ensure the preservation of their lands. Our Tropical Blossom honey is certified kosher and naturally gluten-free, so you can feel good about drinking it.”

Inspired by acid jazz, when Dan talks about the magic of mixing beverages, it’s often in musical terms. “When I’m listening to ‘Spark Plug’ or ‘Whip Whop’ by Melvin Sparks, I feel the bass and the left hand on the keyboard working together, so smooth and subtle! That’s what terpenes do in ‘Sativa Energy’ or ‘Indica Calm.’”

However, equally important to creating tasty beverages for Good Stuff is giving back to the community, especially those who suffer with chronic pain. They have just partnered with HeroGrown, an organization dedicated to getting medical CBD to veterans in pain. The urge to pay it forward was Inspired by a close family member’s own experience, Dan says, “It got me thinking about people suffering from all kinds of pain, and how expensive the meds must be. So, we decided to give away hemp-derived CBD to pain patients in our community. In the music vocabulary, it harmonizes two needs.”

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GOOD STUFF is a California cannabis beverage maker founded by two lifelong friends from New Jersey who create unique tastes that not only make you vibe to the music of cannabis, they are healthier than the super-sweet products on the market. GOOD STUFF beverages are infused with cannabis microemulsions for faster uptake and blended with real fruit and healthy and organic ingredients.

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