GRAV Launches GRAV Reserve Pre-Filled Glass Joints In California

The Reserve line will reflect high testing, great tasting flower

Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas, June 2, 2021 — GRAV, the leader in handcrafted glass cannabis smoking accessories, has introduced its first GRAV Reserve glass joint line in California. The company teamed up with premium cannabis cultivators in Southern California to fill GRAV glass with the highest quality and freshest locally-grown flower.

“After last year’s successful release of the first-ever glass joints, we’re taking the next step into the flower business and elevating the game,” said David Daily, founder and CEO of GRAV. “Fragrant and terpene-heavy, these strains deserve all the glory, with no paper or glue detracting from the gorgeous essence of the herb.”

The Reserve line will reflect high testing, great tasting flower that streamlines the art of the cannabis smoking experience. GRAV Reserve flower will always be fresh (less than 4 months from harvest), create a noteworthy high (north of 23% THC and 4% minimum difference of total cannabinoids), include a visible terpene profile, and be grown indoors and locally sourced. 

Each 7-pack of GRAV Reserve Glass Joints are pre-filled with a total of one-eighth ounce high-quality indoor flower. The first GRAV Reserve offerings include: 

• GRAV Reserve Orange Mints (Hybrid) – THC 24.05% / Total Cannabinoids 29.03%, 5 mg/g Limonene, 3.5 mg/g β-Caryophyllene, 1.9 mg/g Linalool

• GRAV Reserve Cake OG (Indica) – THC 23.62% / Total Cannabinoids 27.56%, 5.1 mg/g Limonene, 3.5 mg/g β-Myrcene, 3.4 mg/g β-Caryophyllene

• GRAV Reserve LCSD (Sativa) – THC 27.43% / Total Cannabinoids 35.82%, 17.7 mg/g Terpinolene, 2.9 mg/g β-Myrcene, 2.7 mg/g β-Caryophyllene

The GRAV Reserve line is currently available at the following Southern California dispensaries: House of Flowers (LA), Beyond / Hello (Santa Barbara), The Light House (Coachella), HPC420 (Port Hueneme), Herbnjoy (Goleta), The Circle (Long Beach), Trade Craft Farms Dispensary (Port Hueneme and Vista). The line is also available to order for delivery throughout the state on Eaze. Dispensaries interested in carrying GRAV Reserve Glass Joints in their stores can fill out a wholesale inquiry

“People recognize and are excited to see GRAV in the shop — there’s an ‘aha’ moment when they connect the bong company with the glass joints,” said Daniel Romero, a Budtender at House of Flowers. “It’s been cool seeing people come back specifically to purchase them,” 

“We send a survey to our budtenders after we sample a new product and 100% of the staff gave the GRAV Reserve line a 5/5 report,” said Alexander Haydon, Inventory and Purchasing Specialist for Beyond / Hello, a cannabis dispensary. 


About GRAV

Designed in Austin and hand-blown, GRAV comes out of the subculture of cannabis outlaws and glass blowers. Founded in 2004 well before recreational cannabis was legalized in any U.S. state, GRAV became famous for its Gravitron — the first all-glass gravity bong. From one product in 2004, to two in 2007, and now over 300 in 2021, GRAV has set the standard for glass smoking accessories. The company began licensing its brand for high quality cannabis products in California in 2020. This trusted brand is driven to elevate the cannabis experience by offering high-quality products and accessories to help you Find Your Higher Self.

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